Cooling Systems

  • Pressure test for leaks - FREE
  • Diagnose overheating
  • Cooling/ heating system flush and check and coolant change
  • Cleanout blocked radiators
  • Plastic top tank replacements
  • New radiators
  • Recore radiators
  • Repairs and modifications
  • Design custom/hotrod/performance radiators
  • Supply/fit water pumps, timing belts, hoses, caps, thermostats, housings, inlet manifold gaskets, heater taps, electric fans, fan clutches
  • Cars, 4WD, commercial, industrial, motorbikes
  • Vintage radiators

When a radiator is fitted or serviced at Southern Radiators, the engine and heater is flushed thoroughly, the thermostat is removed to flush the motor and is tested. Hoses are removed and checked internally for splits and perishing, the cap is always checked & over flow bottle cleaned. If any parts are found to be faulty, the customer is always advised of cost before parts are replaced. Once repairs to cooling system are completed the vehicle is always pressure tested and run up to operating temperature, and electric fans checked (when fitted).

Regular flushing and coolant replacement is recommended to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and extends the life of the radiator and cooling system components. Coolant does have an expiry date and can cause corrosion if not changed at regular intervals.

  • We conform with SA water trade waste practices, and regular site compliance inspections are performed
  • Recycling – all copper/brass/aluminium, solder, cardboard, paper
  • RAA approved repairer
  • Motor Trade Association member

Denso, Natra, Adrad, Koyorad, Jayrad, Air Radiators, Radiators Australia,
Redback Radiators, BEHR, Nissens, PWR, APM