Automotive Heaters & Climate Control

  • Dashboards removed
  • New heaters
  • Recore heaters
  • Make new heaters
Is your heater leaking? Is there coolant on the carpet? Is your windscreen fogging up? Can you smell coolant through the air vents? These are all symptoms of a leaking heater.

At Southern Radiators and Airconditioning we are heater specialists. Most heater replacements need to have the dashboard removed to access the heater. Often the airconditioner needs to have the refrigerant taken out to do the job. We are also airconditioning specialists, and can do the whole job in house. While the heater box is out of the vehicle the evaporoator will also be cleaned and pressure tested.

We can do heaters on all types of vehicles – ranging from
  • Commodores
  • Falcons
  • Magnas
  • Daewoo
  • Landcruisers
  • Discovery
  • Supra
  • 4WD
  • Jeep Grand Cherokees
  • Audi
Basically any vehicle with a heater!

If your heater is not hot or air direction not working - these things can be fixed too.